SSMS Addin - Scripting tool (INSERT to T-SQL)


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** Ordering this product enables Online Activation to unlock the demo **

** Download the demo from a link above **

To start using this product, download the demo. The demo allows only 10 records to be generated. Unlock the demo version by ordering a license key here. Then run the program and click on the Register button. One license is required for every computer you which you intend to install. Our registration system will generate 1 license for each quantity you add to your cart. NO REFUNDS as the Demo is available prior to license purchases.

Use our Data Scripter by running SQL Server Management Studio as follows:

1. Select a database

2. Select a table

3. Right click on the table and scroll down to "Script data as..."

4. Activate this product by clicking the "Activate my product online" button. Your internet browser will take you to the registration page where you will enter your email and full name that you provided during purchase. Then return to the form and enter your computer specific key (Shown below in the SCREEN SHOTS).


 SQL Server Management Studio Image - Database → Table - Context Menu (Right Click Menu)



This SQL Server Management Studio Addin will revolutionize the way you export your table data. It's a lightweight and easy to use tool that plugs right in to the context menu (right click menu) and offers a variety of options to customize your data for fast and simplistic database operations. It's a quick and easy installation and no configuration necessary! All the SQL coding has been done by us FOR you!


  • This software uses your computer memory and hardware to process SQL Server commands. Please keep in mind that large queries may result in "out of memory" exceptions which as a result, you cannot use this utility to script that task. In this case, please refer to Microsoft's Data Script Wizard to accomplish this task. This software is meant to expedite your day-to-day tasks; not backup entire databases. Please ensure that the demo achieves your ultimate satisfaction prior to purchase.
  • Purchasing this software is subject to operate on "one" computer only (hardware/software configuration). Virtual machines and Bit Locker encrypted hard drives are not supported and not recommended to run this software on as the Computer ID will likely change and require a new license. NOTE: We do not support license issues that arise from VM / Bitlocker installations.



  • It has been developed for SSMS 2008 R2. It is no longer supported on the 2005 or the 2008 non-R2 version at this time (major changes made by Microsoft causes issues with backwards compatibility).
  • Export data quickly to T-SQL for MSSQL and MySQL syntax.
  • CSV, TXT, XML are also supported! Harness the full potential, power, and speed that SQL has to offer.
  • Don't wait for Access or Excel to do scripting work for you that could take several minutes to do -- let SQL Server do it for you and take all the guess work out of exporting your data!
  • Customize your data output for rapid backups, DDL manipulation, and more...
  • Change table names and database schemas to your needs, quickly and efficiently.
  • Export column names or simply generate data without.
  • Select the columns you need and exclude ones you don't.
  • You can chose sub-sets of data (WHERE clause).
  • You can chose ordering of data (ORDER BY clause).
  • Oracle (PL-SQL) syntax support.
  • Update notifications to let you know when there is a new version!
  • Simplifed the Activation process by showing the form shortly after you open SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Great backup utility for those grungy database debugging operations that require data manipulation. Don't lose data while experimenting. Manipulate data on the fly!
  • More options will be implemented! Suggestions? Let us know!
  • See it in action by visiting our demo below.
  • Download and Try the Demo out for youself (Max of 10 records will generate without license) - Click here!
  • We script out over 55,000 records with this utility in less than 10 seconds. For more info visit our vehicle database HERE


  • (1.2.8) BROKEN DOWNLOAD LINK NOW WORKS! Fixed false update notifications when the web update service is not available
  • (1.2.7) Added date format delimiter to choose between "dd/mm/yyyy" or "yyyy-mm-dd"
  • Coming Soon: Save to File and Import from File
  • Please submit suggestions! HERE






Computer Requirements

  • SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2 SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2
3.5 MB

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